Sunday, 22 January 2012

I haven't really done much today apart from complain about having a bad back (and eating), I wouldn't have had one if  I wasn't forced to sleep on the sofa, last night. As lovely as our sofa is, I won't be making a habit of it.

I was awoken by the sounds of my mum and older brother arguing. FUN. I'll fill you in on the back story firs. Lets call my older brother, Tobias, at the age of 19, he decided (well, not exactly decided) to get his 17 year old girlfriend, she can be Mercedes, pregnant. Its frightening to try and think back to the days where this sort of predicament would be severely frowned upon and not met with welcoming arms like it is in today's society. I say that, but my mother was never really, truly happy with the whole ordeal - it probably reminded her too much of her own teen years (and the fact she actually despised Mercedes). Now lets fast forward to just a few months ago, me and my younger brother slept at Tobias' house one night and my mum arrived in the morning to pick us up, like she usually does. However, when she got there, she wasn't too happy. She was 'disgusted' at the state of the house (it wasn't the tidiest of places...) and let my brother and his now fiancé, know about it. A slanging match inevitably occurred and it ended with my brother not speaking to my mum for a few weeks. The next time they spoke was when Tobias told my mum she can't see her grandson again (he was against it, but Mercedes insisted). Two weeks later, Tobias moved back in with us and they had supposedly split up. It was like this for about a month, if my brother had grown a pair in the first place and stood up to his girlfriend, it would have never happened. IT WAS ALL A BIT DRAMATIC (I usually just sat upstairs, out of the way, eating). But today, he's finally gone back to her. Yea - more room in the house! Nay - my mum feels like shit.

I know today's generation aren't as sharp as others that have passed, but my younger brother (faux-name: Kornelius Francis Chimp - KFC for short) gave me a wonderful, intelligent insight into his mind earlier on whilst we were watching 'Talent Show Story' - it showed some black and white clips of decommissioned programmes.
"You know back in the olden days? What happened when everything suddenly turned into colour? Like not black and white any more."
I was in stitches. I literally fell on the floor, pissing myself (this, not so literal). He actually thought, everything was black and white in the 'olden days'. He's twelve! Fair enough if he was still in primary school  and only getting to grips with the world, but he's in his first year of high school! After I got my breath back, I attempted to explain how the world was actually in colour and it was just the low quality cameras. I still don't think he fully understands.

For some reason, the date on this blog has gone a bit 'David Cameron and Celine Dion's love child-y', so just pretend it says '22 Jan'. Edit: It's working now! Resume normal service. But yeah, I'm off to finish my cheese and crackers (I ate all the grapes whilst revising). Talk to you tomorrow!
Joshua x

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  1. This is incredibly inconvenient... I keep having to type letters in a box before I can comment -.- then the spell check changes it :L

  2. I'll talk to you tomorrow then ;) Night night! x

  3. I think your brother looks like a ' Kornelius' actually...